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    • Invisible Jump Rope
    • Ladders
    • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
    • Tuck Jumps
    • Side Shuffle Burpee With A Hop
    • Prisoner Squats
    • Bob And Weave Uppercuts From Squats
      • Band Curls Left Side Only 90 Degree Hold
      • Hammer Curls With Bands Right Side Only 90 Degree Hold
      • Feet Planted Floor Press
      • Seated Face Pulls Alternating Sides
      • Hammer Curl Right Side
      • Hammer Curl Left Side
      • Bent Over Rows Right Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Bent Over Rows Left Side Only
      • Bicep Curl Both Sides
      • Military Press
        • Mountain Climbers
        • Push Press
        • Bridge With Chest Press
        • Lateral Band Lunge Alternating Sides
        • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Bent Over Row
        • Full Body Extensions With Band
        • Band Squats
          • Feet Planted Floor Press
          • Military Press
          • Chest Press With Band Alternating Sides Negatives
          • Hammer Curls With Band Both Sides
          • Resistance Spiderman Pushups With Knee Pull At Bottom
          • Bent Over Rows With Hold
          • Jump Squats
            • Mountain Climbers
            • Four Point Wood Choppers
            • Russian Twist
            • Sideway Knockouts Alternating Sides
            • Groundand Pound
            • Frog Half Burpees
            • Side Bends
            • Butterfly Situps With Med Ball
            • Lunge With A Twist Alternating Sides
            • Med Ball Plank Both Feet