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    • Sprinter Lunges Left Side Only
    • Sprinter Lunges Right Side Only
    • Burpees
    • High Knee Jumps
    • Multi Planar Lunges
    • Butterfly Sit Ups
    • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
      • Elbows To Hands On Bag
      • Plank Switch With Punches
      • Same Arm Rows With Bag Right Side Only
      • Same Arm Rows With Bag Left Side Only
      • Deadlift Clean And Squat With Bag
      • Tricep Extension With Bag Standing
      • Spiderman Pushups On Bag
        • Right Shoulder Right Leg Lunges
        • One Legged Heel Touchdown Right Side Only
        • One Legged Heel Touchdown Left Side Only
        • Zurcher Squats With Bag
        • Russian Twists On Bag
        • Bag Squat And Slam Right Side Only
        • Bag Squat And Slam Left Side Only
          • Pulsating Squats
          • Shoulder Shrugs Holds
          • Military Press Behind The Neck
          • Pushup Jacks
          • Hammer Curl Left Side
          • Hammer Curl Right Side
          • Bent Over Rows With Hold
            • Russian Twist
            • Choppers Right To Left
            • Choppers Right To Left
            • Heel Touch Pulses
            • Punch Crunch Right Side
            • Punch Crunch Left Side
            • Frog Half Burpees