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    • Arm Circles Forward
    • Bent Over Scaption
    • 3Point Jump Squats Left Side
    • 3Point Jump Squats Right Side
    • 3Point Squats Left Side
    • 3Point Squats Right Side
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Forward And Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
    • Forward And Reverse Lunges Left Side Only
    • 3Point Squats Alternating Sides
      • Medicine Ball Arnold Press Right Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Arnold Press Left Side Only
      • Four Point Wood Choppers
      • Tricep Kickback Right Side Only
      • Tricep Kickback Left Side Only
      • Floor Punches Right Side
      • Floor Punches Left Side
      • Suitcase Lunge With Curl Right Side Only
      • Suitcase Lunge With Curl Left Side Only
      • Frog Half Burpees
        • Sumo Squats
        • Arms Overhead Lunge Right Side Only
        • Arms Overhead Lunge Left Side Only
        • Bridge With Chest Press
        • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Upright Row
        • Monster Walks
        • Push Press
        • Overhead Band Squats
        • Stationary Reverse Lunges Left Side Only
        • Stationary Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
          • Feet Planted Floor Press
          • Military Press Right Side Only
          • Military Press Left Side Only
          • Exaggerated Front Raises With Band Right Side Only
          • Hammer Curls With Bands Right Side Only Negatives
          • Hammer Curls With Bands Left Side Only Negatives
          • Alternating Chest Flies With Band
          • Renegade Row Left Side Only
          • Renegade Row Right Side Only
          • Hammer Curl With Band Both Sides
            • Turkish Get Up Right Side
            • Turkish Get Up Left Side
            • Situp With Air Toss
            • Four Point Wood Choppers
            • Turkish Get Up Left Side
            • Turkish Get Up Right Side
            • Lunge With A Twist Left Side Only
            • Lunge With A Twist Right Side Only
            • Frog Situps
            • Sideway Knockouts Alternating