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    • Jumping Jacks
    • Stationary Lunges With High Knee Right Side Only
    • Forward And Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
    • Seal Jacks
    • Spiderman Lunge Stretch Alternating Sides
    • Tuck Jumps
    • Jumping Lunges
      • Power Clean With Bag
      • Plank Switch With Punches
      • Side Plank With Left Hip Lift
      • High Plank Left Side Only
      • Standing Bag Slides
      • Bag Flying Squirrels
      • Upright Rows With Bag
        • Side Plank With Right Hip Lift
        • Deadlift With Bag
        • Rear Leg Elevated Lunges Left Side
        • Calf Raises With Bag
        • Deadlift Clean And Squat With Bag
        • Lunging Bag Drag Left Side
        • Right Lunge Left Side Row With Bag
          • High Plank Left Side Only
          • One Legged Heel Touchdown Right Side Only
          • Bag Bridges With Left Crossover Left Side Only
          • Ground And Pound
          • Plyo Rear Leg Elevated Lunges Right Side
          • Bag Bridges Right Side Only
          • Lunging Bag Drag Right Side
            • Sideway Knockouts Alternating
            • Sideway Knockouts Right Side Only
            • Choppers Left To Right
            • Knee Up With Ball Pass
            • Med Ball Plank Right Foot Only
            • Four Point Wood Choppers
            • Frog Situps