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    • Seal Jacks
    • Side Lunge Right Side Only
    • Goblet Side Lunge Left Side Only
    • Explosive Elbows To Hands
    • Plank With Wide Knees
      • Sideway Knockouts Right Side Only
      • Sideway Knockouts Left Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Arnold Press Left Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Arnold Press Right Side Only
      • Elevated Pushups Right Side
      • Elevated Pushups Left Side
      • Squat To Press With Hop
        • Bag Clean And Press
        • Burpees With Lateral Bag Hop
        • Jump Squat Ground And Pound
        • Bag Ham Rolls
        • Spiderman Mountain Climbers
        • Skaters Over Bag
        • Front Squat With Calf Raises With Bags
        • Bag Squat And Slam Alternating Sides
        • High Plank With Alternating Donkey Kicks
        • Zurcher Squats With Calf Raises
          • Elbows To Hands
          • Full Body Extensions
          • Glute Bridge Hold
          • Bicycle Crunches
          • Oblique Heel Touches Alternating Sides
          • Side Shuffle Burpee With A Hop
          • Burpees Blitz Upjump
          • Ground And Pound
          • Jumping Jacks
          • Saw Planks
            • Pushup Jacks
            • Alternating Floor Punches With Bands
            • Hyperextensions
            • Inch Worms
            • Resistance Spiderman Pushups With Knee Pull At Bottom
            • High Plank Hold
            • Band Swings