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    • 3Point Squats Left Side
    • 3Point Squats Right Side
    • Bent Over Reverse Flys
    • Bob And Weave Uppercut Left Foot Forward Fighting Stance
    • Bob And Weave Uppercut Right Foot Forward Fighting Stance
    • Pushups
    • Spiderman Lunge Stretch Alternating Sides
      • Chest Flies With Band Right Side Only Negatives
      • Chest Flies With Band Left Side Only Negatives
      • Hammer Curls Left Side
      • Hammer Curls Right Side
      • One Arm Behind The Neck Shoulder Press Left Side Only
      • One Arm Behind The Neck Shoulder Press Right Side Only
      • 21s With Band Curls
        • Reverse Lunge Left Side Only
        • Reverse Lunge Right Side Only
        • Full Body Extensions With Band
        • Monster Walks
        • Band Swings
          • Medicine Ball Swing Both Sides
          • Overhead Tricep Extension Both Arms
          • Rear Lunge With High Knee Swing Left Side Only
          • Rear Lunge With High Knee Swing Right Side Only
          • Russian Twist
            • Oblique Heel Touches Alternating Sides
            • Vups
            • Side Laying Leg Lifts Right Side
            • Side Laying Leg Lifts Left Side
            • Bicycle Crunches
            • Elbows To Hands
            • Rotating Planks