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    • Pushup With Toe Touch
    • Bent Over Reverse Flys
    • Bent Over Scaption Lat
    • Broad Jumps
    • Invisible Jump Rope
    • Side Lunges
    • Skaters
      • Military Press
      • One Arm Bicep Curl Right Side Only
      • One Arm Bicep Curl Left Side Only
      • Punches With The Band
      • Renegade Row Left Side Only
      • Renegade Row Right Side Only
      • Shoulder Shrugs
        • Forward Lunge With Posterior Reach Left Side Only
        • Forward Lunge With Posterior Reach Right Side Only
        • Goblet Squats
        • Lunge With A Twist Alternating Sides
        • One Armed Snatch Left Side Only
        • One Armed Snatch Right Side Only
        • Star Jacks With Shoulder Press
          • Dive Bomber Pushups
          • Plank With Hip Lifts
          • Star Jumps
          • Glute Bridge Both Sides
          • Burpees
          • One Leg Squat Touchdown Left
          • One Leg Squat Touchdown Right
            • Vups
            • Turkish Get Up Left Side
            • Turkish Get Up Right Side
            • Superman Holds
            • Side Plank Right Side With Hold
            • Side Plank Left Side With Hold
            • 3Point Planks Alternating Sides