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    • Sprinter Lunges Left Side Only
    • Sprinter Lunges Right Side Only
    • Cross Punches
    • Bob And Weave Uppercut Left Foot Forward Fighting Stance
    • Bob And Weave Uppercut Right Foot Forward Fighting Stance
    • Butterfly Sit Ups
    • Invisible Jump Rope
      • Dive Bomber Pushups
      • Inchworms
      • Seal Jacks
      • Squat Jacks
      • Bent Over Reverse Flys
      • Bent Over Scaption
      • Arm Circles Forward
        • Glute Bridge Hold
        • One Leg Squat Touchdown Left
        • One Leg Squat Touchdown Right
        • Prisoner Squats
        • Forward And Reverse Lunges Alternating Sides
        • Side Laying Leg Circles Left Side
        • Side Laying Leg Circles Right Side
          • Jogging In Place
          • Broad Jumps
          • Plank Rotations Left Side Only
          • Plank Rotations Right Side Only
          • Pushups
          • Side Laying Leg Lifts Right Side
          • Side Laying Leg Lifts Left Side
            • Heels To Heaven
            • Leg Lifts
            • Oblique Heel Touches Left Side Only
            • Oblique Heel Touches Right Side Only
            • Plank With Hip Lifts
            • Punch Crunch Left Side
            • Punch Crunch Right Side