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    • Stationary Lunges With High Knee Right Side Only
    • Arm Circles Forward
    • High Knee Jumps
    • Arm Circles Reverse
    • Seal Jacks
      • High Plank With Donkey Kicks
      • Bag Squat And Slam Left Side Only
      • Same Arm Rows With Bag Right Side Only
      • High Plank With Donkey Kicks Left Leg
      • Around The World Dynamic Explosive Pushups
      • Left Lunge Right Side Row With Bag
      • Deadlift Into Power Clean With Bag
        • Left Lunge Right Side Row With Bag
        • Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers
        • High Plank Right Side Only
        • Bear Hug Squats With Bag
        • Situp With A Reach
        • One Legged Heel Touchdown Left Side Only
        • Lateral Hurdles Over Bag
          • Floor Wipers With Bag
          • Death Crawl With Bag Pull
          • Reverse Crunch With Bag Hold
          • Bag Walkovers
          • Burpees With Lateral Bag Hop
          • Bag Squat And Slam Alternating Sides
          • Situp With A Reach
            • Hammer Curls With Band Both Sides
            • Bent Over Rows With Hold
            • Hammer Curl Right Side
            • High Plank Hold
            • Hyperextensions
            • Front Raises With The Band Left Side Only Negatives
            • Chest Press With Band Ride Side Only Negatives
              • Lateral Band Walks
              • Bridge Hold With Floor Press
              • Dead Lifts
              • Stationary Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
              • Pulsating Squats
              • Monster Walks
              • Arms Overhead Lunge Right Side Only
                • Overhead Tricepextentions Right Side Only
                • Good Mornings
                • Dead Lifts
                • Resistance Pushups
                • Seated Rows Left Side Only
                • Side Raises With Band Left Side Only Negatives
                • Chest Press With Band Both Sides Negatives
                  • Burpees
                  • Side Plank Left Side With Hold
                  • Bent Over Scaption Lat
                  • Butterfly Glute Bridge
                  • Plank With Hip Lifts