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    • Side Shuffle With Full Burpee
    • Plank With Hip Lifts
    • T Pushups
    • Clapping Pushups
    • Plank Rotations Left Side Only
      • Suitcase Lunge With Curl Left Side Only
      • Turkish Get Up Right Side
      • Left Leg Glute Bridge Raise With Ball Overhead
      • Hammer Curls Medicine Ball 90 Degree Hold Left Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Swing Both Sides
      • Single Arm Shoulder Front Raises Right Side Only
      • Turkish Get Up Left Side
      • Shoulder Press With Rotation Right Side Only
      • Sumo Squats
      • Hammer Curls Medicine Ball Negatives Left Side Only
          • One Legged Heel Touchdown Right Side Only
          • Left Shoulder Left Leg Lunges
          • Bag Sprawl To Knee Strike
          • Knees To Bag Left Side Only
          • Right Shoulder Right Leg Lunges
          • Squats With Bag Left Shoulder
          • High Plank With Donkey Kicks Right Leg
          • Bag Squat And Slam Right Side Only
          • Squat On Bag
          • Zurcher Knees To Standing With Bag