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    • Jogging In Place
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Burpees
    • Reverse Lunges Left Side Only
    • Stationary Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
      • Resistance Plank Jack
      • Side Raises With The Band Left Side Only
      • Side Raises With The Band Right Side Only
      • 21s With Band Hammer Curls Right Side Only
      • 21s With Band Hammer Curls Left Side Only
      • Bent Over Reverse Scaption
      • Shoulder Shrugs
        • High Knees With Ball In Front
        • Sumo Squats With Medicine Ball Swing
        • Star Jacks With Shoulder Press
        • Jumping Jacks With Chest Press
        • Alternating Lunge With Posterior Reach
        • Explosive Push Ups
        • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
        • Russian Twist
        • Groundand Pound
        • Four Point Wood Choppers
          • Bag Sprawl To Knee Strike
          • Bag Flying Squirrels
          • High Plank Bag Lifts
          • Plank Jacks On Bag
          • High Plank With Alternating Donkey Kicks
          • Bag Walkovers
          • Plank With Feet On Bag
            • 21s With Band Curls
            • Bent Over Reverse Scaption
            • Front Raises With Band Holds Both Sides
            • Feet Elevated Floor Press
            • Spiderman Pushups
            • Lateral Band Lunge Alternating Sides
            • Bent Over Rows With Hold
            • Push Press
            • Iron Cross Good Mornings
            • Jump Squats