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    • Side Plank With Hip Lift Left Side Only
    • Side Plank With Hip Lift Right Side Only
    • Invisible Jump Rope
    • Prisoner High Knees
    • Jump Lunges
      • High Plank With Donkey Kicks Left Leg
      • High Plank With Donkey Kicks Right Leg
      • Death Crawl With Bag Pull
      • Reverse Crunch With Bag Hold
      • Mountain Climbers Hands On Bag
      • Bag Curls With 90 Degree Hold
      • Upright Rows With Bag
        • Lunge With A Twist Alternating Sides
        • Sideway Knockouts Right Side Only
        • Sideway Knockouts Left Side Only
        • Punch Crunch Right Side
        • Punch Crunch Left Side
        • Sideway Knockouts Alternating Sides
        • Lunge With A Twist Left Side Only
        • Lunge With A Twist Right Side Only
        • Russian Twist
        • Knee Up With Ball Pass