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    • Jumping Jacks
    • Single Leg Glute Bridge Left Side
    • Single Leg Glute Bridge Right Side
    • 3Point Jump Squats Alternating Sides
    • Burpee With Up Jump
      • Good Mornings
      • Resistance Plank Jack
      • Resistance Spiderman Pushups With Bands
      • Band Swings
      • Alternating Floor Punches With Bands
      • Seal Jacks With Band Pull Apart
      • Mountain Climbers
        • Swing With 90 Degree Hop
        • Knee Up With Ball Pass
        • Sumo Squats
        • Explosive Pushups Feet Elevated
        • Side Shuffle With Full Burpee
        • Explosive Push Ups
        • Four Point Wood Choppers
        • Goblet Squats With A Press
        • Star Jacks With Shoulder Press
        • Pushups On Med Ball