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    • Band Swings
    • Multi Planar Lunges
    • Ladders
    • Steam Engine
    • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
    • Wrestlers
    • Spiderman Lunge Stretch Alternating Sides
      • Good Mornings
      • Military Press Behind The Neck
      • Band Squats
      • Chopper With The Band Four Corners
      • Plank Jacks
      • High Plank Hold
      • Ground And Pound With Band
        • Military Press Left Side Only
        • Military Press Right Side Only
        • Front Raises With The Band Left Side Only Negatives
        • Front Raises With The Band Right Side Only Negatives
        • Single Arm Upright Rows Left Side Only
        • Single Arm Upright Rows Right Side Only
        • Shoulder Shrugs Holds
          • Single Hand Overhead Lunge Left Side Only
          • Single Hand Overhead Lunge Right Side Only
          • Jumping Lunges
          • Squat To Press
          • Squat Hold
          • Pulsating Squats
          • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
            • Oblique Heel Touches Left Side Only
            • Oblique Heel Touches Right Side Only
            • Wrestlers
            • Rotating Planks
            • Heel Touches
            • Punch Crunch Alternating
            • Reverse Crunch With Situp Hold