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    • High Knee With Medicine Ball Overhead
    • 3Point Pushups Alternating
    • Stationary Lunges
    • Steam Engine
    • Invisible Jump Rope
    • Seal Jacks
    • Star Jacks With Shoulder Press
      • Shoulder Press With Rotation Left Side Only
      • Shoulder Press With Rotation Right Side Only
      • Punch Crunch Left Side
      • Punch Crunch Right Side
      • Bent Over Reverse Flys Left Side Only
      • Bent Over Reverse Flys Right Side Only
      • Explosive Pushups Feet Elevated
        • Lunge With A Twist Left Side Only
        • Lunge With A Twist Right Side Only
        • Side Shuffle With Half Burpee
        • Split Squats
        • Sumo Squats
        • Goblet Squats With A Press
        • Heel Touch Pulses
          • Suitcase Lunge With Curl Left Side Only
          • Suitcase Lunge With Curl Right Side Only
          • Squat With Clean Press Left Side Only
          • Squat With Clean Press Right Side Only
          • Squat With Pallof Press
          • Side Shuffle With Full Burpee
          • Med Ball Plank Both Feet
            • Side Plank Dips With Ball Lift Left Side Only
            • Side Plank Dips With Ball Lift Right Side Only
            • Four Point Wood Choppers
            • Reverse Crunch With Situp Hold
            • Alternating Leg Lifts
            • Vups
            • Spiderman Pushups