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    • Plank With Wide Knees
    • Reverse Lunges Left Side Only
    • Stationary Reverse Lunges Right Side Only
    • 3Point Squats Alternating Sides
    • Plank Rotations Right Side Only
    • Plank Rotations Left Side Only
    • Bob And Weave Uppercuts From Squats
      • Bridge With Chest Press
      • Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
      • Stationary Lunge With Press Right Side Only
      • Stationary Lunge With Press Left Side Only
      • Ground And Pound With Band
        • Elevated Hammer Pushups Right Side
        • Elevated Hammer Pushups Left Side
        • Choppers Left To Right
        • Choppers Right To Left
        • Four Point Wood Choppers
          • Front Raises With The Band Both Sides
          • Tricep Kick Backs Holds Left Side Only
          • Tricep Kick Backs Holds Right Side Only
          • Exaggerated Front Raises With Band Right Side Only
          • Overhead Band Squats
            • Scissor Kicks
            • Side Shuffle With Full Burpee
            • Burpees Blitz Upjump
            • Invisible Jump Rope
            • Bent Over Scaption Lat
            • Rotating Planks
            • Scorpion Reach