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    • Sideway Knockouts Left Side Only
    • Sideway Knockouts Right Side Only
    • Med Ball Plank Right Foot Only
    • Med Ball Plank Left Foot Only
    • Knee Up With Ball Pass
      • Mountain Climbers Hands On Bag
      • Mountain Climbers Right Side
      • Mountain Climbers Left Side
      • Bag Back Extensions
      • Plank With Feet On Bag
      • High Plank With Donkey Kicks
      • Crunches With Feet On Bag
        • Plank With Alternating Hip Drops
        • Burpees
        • Explosive Elbows To Hands
        • Dive Bomber Pushups
        • Superman Fish Flops
          • Monster Walks
          • Exaggerated Uppercut With Band Both Sides
          • Stationary Lunges Right Side Only
          • Stationary Lunges Left Side Only
          • Lateral Band Walks
          • Squat Hold
          • Single Hand Overhead Lunge Left Side Only
          • Single Hand Overhead Lunge Right Side Only
          • Exaggerated Uppercut With Band Right Side Only
          • Exaggerated Uppercut With Band Left Side Only
            • Dips
            • Left Side Plank Hold
            • High Plank With Bag
            • One Legged Heel Touchdown Left Side Only
            • One Legged Heel Touchdown Right Side Only
            • Left Lunge Right Side Row With Bag
            • Right Lunge Left Side Row With Bag
              • Spiderman Mountain Climbers
              • Plank Bag Slides Left Side Only
              • Plank Bag Slides Right Side Only
              • Side Bend Left Side Only
              • Side Bend Right Side Only