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    • Hammer Ups With Bag
    • Mountain Climbers Right Side
    • Knees To Bag Left Side Only
    • Bag Squat And Slam Alternating Sides
    • Left Side Plank With Feet On Bag Hold
    • Renegade Rows With Pushups Right Hand Only
    • Ab Burpee On Bag
    • Bag Sprawl To Knee Strike
      • One Arm Bicep Curl Left Side Only
      • Exaggerated Uppercut With Band Left Side Only
      • Front Raises With Band Holds Left Side Only
      • Hyperextensions
      • Chest Flies Into Chess Press With Band
      • Resistance Spiderman Pushups With Bands
      • Stationary Lunge With Press Right Leg Only
        • Arm Circles Forward
        • 3Point Planks Left Side
        • 3Point Squats Alternating Sides
        • Bent Over Scaption
        • Saw Planks
        • Arm Circles Reverse
        • Single Leg Glute Bridge Right Side
        • Stationary Lunges With High Knee Left Side Only
        • Side Laying Leg Circles Right Side
        • Butterfly Sit Ups