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    • Plank Bag Slides Left Side Only
    • Plank Bag Slides Right Side Only
    • Bag Flying Squirrels
    • Knees To Bag Left Side Only
    • Pushup Position Knees To Bag Right Side Only
      • Bag Back Extensions
      • Right Side Plank Hold On Bag
      • High Plank Left Side Only
      • High Plank Right Side Only
      • Floor Wipers With Bag
        • Straight Legged Deadlift With Bag
        • Side Plank With Left Hip Lift
        • Side Plank With Right Hip Lift
        • Bag Bridges
        • Spiderman Mountain Climbers
          • Plank With Elbows On Bag Hold
          • Tricep Extension With Bag Standing
          • Bag Clean And Press
          • Spiderman Mountain Climbers
          • Bag Bridges
            • Situp With A Reach
            • Supermans On Bag
            • Plank Jacks On Bag
            • Bag Sprawl To Knee Strike
            • Ab Rollouts With Bag