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    • Bent Over Scaption Lat
    • Multi Plantar Lunges Right Side Only
    • Side Lunge Left
    • Plank Rotations Right Side Only
    • Invisible Jump Rope
    • Bob And Weave Uppercut Left Foot Forward Fighting Stance
    • Sprinter Lunges Left Side Only
    • Tuck Jumps
    • 3Point Planks Alternating Sides
    • Broad Jumps
      • Bag Hammer Curls With 90 Degree Hold
      • Spiderman Pushups On Bag
      • Plank Switch With Punches
      • Death Crawl With Bag Pull
      • Renegade Rows With Pushups Left Hand Only
      • Bag Sprawl To Knee Strike
      • Tricep Extension With Bag Standing
        • Goblet Side Lunge Right Side Only
        • Jumping Jacks With Shoulder Press
        • Suitcase Lunge Right Side Only
        • Reverse And Forward Lunge Left Side Only
        • Forward Lunge With Posterior Reach Right Side Only
          • Pulsating Lunge With Chest Press Right Leg Only
          • Upright Rows
          • Band Swings
          • Chest Flies With Band Right Side Only Negatives
          • Exaggerated Side Raises With Band Left Side Only
          • Full Body Extensions With Band
          • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Bent Over Row