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      • Hammer Curls With Negatives
      • Side Plank With Right Hip Lift
      • Floor Wipers With Bag
      • Bag Squat And Slam Alternating Sides
      • Hammer Ups With Bag
        • Lateral Band Lunge Right Side Only
        • Band Swings
        • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Bent Over Row
        • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Upright Row
        • Sumo Dead Lifts
          • Squat With Pallof Press
          • Medicine Ball Arnold Press Right Side Only
          • Hammer Curls Medicine Ball Left Side Only
          • Overhead Tricep Extension Both Arms
          • Lunge With A Twist Right Side Only
            • Side Plank Right Side With Hold
            • Side Laying Leg Lifts Left Side
            • Plank With Alternating Hip Drops
            • Pushup Jacks
            • Ground And Pound