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      • Bag Squat And Slam Right Side Only
      • Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers
      • Bag Squat And Slam Alternating Sides
      • Bag Back Extensions
      • Floor Wipers With Bag
        • Stationary Lunge With Press Right Leg Only
        • Pulsating Lunges Right Side Only
        • Stationary Lunge With Press Right Side Only
        • Iron Cross Squats
        • Full Body Extensions With Band
          • Explosive Pushups Feet Elevated
          • Lunge With A Twist Left Side Only
          • Goblet Side Lunge Left Side Only
          • Bent Over Reverse Flys Right Side Only
          • Squat And Press With 90 Degree Hop
            • Spiderman Lunge Stretch Right Side
            • Burpees
            • Turkish Get Up Left Side
            • Glute Bridge Hold
            • Side Laying Leg Circles Right Side