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    • Bag Flying Squirrels
    • Plank Bag Slides Left And Right
    • Knees To Bag Alternating Sides
    • High Plank With Donkey Kicks Left Leg
    • Pushup Position Knees To Bag Alternating Sides
    • Ground And Pound
    • High Plank Bag Lifts
    • Bag Swings
    • Death Crawl With Bag Pull
    • Side Plank With Right Hip Lift
      • Chest Flies With Band Right Side Only Negatives
      • One Arm Bicep Curl Right Side Only
      • Side Raises With The Band Right Side Only
      • Chest Flies With Band Negatives
      • Band Hammer Curls Both Sides Negatives
      • One Arm Behind The Neck Shoulder Press Left Side Only
      • Hammer Curls With Bands Left Side Only 90 Degree Hold
        • Suitcase Lunge Left Side Only
        • One Armed Snatch Left Side Only
        • Goblet Squats With A Press
        • Four Point Wood Choppers
        • High Knees With Ball In Front
          • High Plank Right Side Only
          • Bag Bridges With Right Crossover Right Side Only
          • Bear Hug Squats With Bag
          • Bag Bridges Left Side Only
          • Lunge Punch Right Side Only
          • Crossover Pushups
          • Deadlift Into Power Clean With Bag
            • High Plank Explosive Lunges
            • Windshield Wipers
            • Burpees
            • Side Shuffle Burpee With A Hop
            • Steam Engine
            • Plank With Wide Knees
            • Butterfly Glute Bridge Hold
            • Plank Jacks
            • Jogging In Place
            • Side Laying Leg Lifts Right Side