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    • Inchworms
    • Elbows To Hands
    • Plank Rotations Right Side Only
    • Plank With Wide Knees
    • Close Grip Pushups
      • Medicine Ball Bent Over Rows Right Side Only
      • One Arm Bicep Curl Left Side Only
      • Goblet Squats With A Press
      • Hammer Curls Medicine Ball Negatives Right Side Only
      • Muffin Busters
      • Floor Punches Right Side
      • Single Arm Shoulder Front Raises Right Side Only
        • Jump Squats
        • Sumo Squats
        • Exaggerated Uppercut With Band Left Side Only
        • Squat One Arm Press Right Side Only
        • Stiff Legged Deadlift With Upright Row
          • Squat Jacks
          • Superman Fish Flops