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    • Plank Rotations Right Side Only
    • Plank Rotations Left Side Only
    • Squat Holds
    • Burpees Blitz Upjump
    • Arm Circles Reverse
      • Iron Cross Good Mornings
      • Seated Rows Both Sides
      • Front Raises With The Band Both Sides
      • Seated Face Pulls Both Sides
      • Inch Worms
        • Squat To Press With Hop
        • Star Jacks With Shoulder Press
        • High Knees With Ball In Front
        • Groundand Pound
        • Side Shuffle Modified Burpee With A Hop
          • Squat Into A Calf Raise With Bag
          • Around The World Pushups
          • Burpees With Lateral Bag Hop
          • Explosive Crossover Pushups
          • Hammer Curls With The Bag
            • Full Body Extensions
            • Punch Crunch Alternating
            • Plank Jacks
            • Bicycle Crunches
            • Glute Bridge Both Sides