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    • Burpees
    • Bent Over Scaption
    • Sprinter Lunges Right Side Only
    • Burpees
    • Stationary Lunges With High Knee Left Side Only
    • Wrestlers
    • Full Body Extensions
      • High Plank With Alternating Donkey Kicks
      • Plank Switch With Punches
      • Same Arm Rows With Bag Right Side Only
      • Explosive Crossover Pushups
      • Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers
      • Supermans On Bag
      • Bag Walkovers
        • Bag Bridges
        • Zurcher Squats With Calf Raises
        • Bag Squat And Slam Left Side Only
        • Knees To Bag Alternating Sides
        • Side Plank With Right Hip Lift
        • Deadlift With Upright Row
        • Mountain Climbers Left Side
          • Overhead Tricep Extension Right Side Only
          • Forward Lunge With Posterior Reach Right Side Only
          • One Arm Bicep Curl Negatives Left Side Only
          • Side Lunge With Pallof Press Right Side Only
          • Stiff Legged Deadlifts Left Side Only
          • Side Shuffle Modified Burpee With A Hop
          • Alternating Forward Lunge With Posterior Reach
            • Punch Crunch Left Side
            • Turkish Get Up Left Side
            • Side Shuffle Burpee With A Hop
            • 4Plank Jack4Half Burpees
            • Side Laying Leg Lifts Left Side
            • 3Point Planks Alternating Sides
            • Burpees