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    • Bent Over Scaption
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Sprinter Lunges Alternating Sides
    • Ladders
    • Burpees Blitz Upjump
    • Side Lunges
    • Elbows To Hands
    • Jogging In Place
    • Arm Circles Reverse
    • Stationary Lunges With High Knee Alternating Left And Right
      • Squat To Press With Hop
      • Med Ball Plank Both Feet
      • Frog Half Burpees
      • Side Plank Dips With Ball Lift Left Side Only
      • Side Plank Dips With Ball Lift Right Side Only
      • Medicine Ball Swing Both Sides
      • Muffin Busters
        • One Legged Heel Touchdown Right Side Only
        • One Legged Heel Touchdown Left Side Only
        • Floor Wipers With Bag
        • Bear Hug Squats With Bag
        • Calf Raises With Bag
        • Around The World Dynamic Explosive Pushups
        • Upright Rows With Bag
        • Supermans On Bag
        • Bag Ham Rolls
        • High Plank With Alternating Donkey Kicks
          • High Knees With Ball In Front
          • Goblet Squats With A Press
          • Stiff Legged Deadlifts Right Side Only
          • Stiff Legged Deadlifts Left Side Only
          • One Armed Snatch Right Side Only
          • One Armed Snatch Left Side Only
          • Squat With Clean Press Alternating Sides
            • Burpees
            • Punch Crunch Alternating
            • Pushup With Toe Touch
            • Bent Over Reverse Flys
            • Windshield Wipers
            • Oblique Heel Touches Alternating Sides
            • Alternating Leg Lifts
            • Side Shuffle With Full Burpee
            • Saw Planks
            • Plank Hold